Fujitsu P1620 a new hope…

I have had for a while a Fujitsu P1620 small form factor convertable. I have had for a while Windows Seven working upon the machine, but with only two gigabytes of ram, performance was limited at best. I have decided to install ubuntu 11.04, 64 bit desktop, and remove the gnome desktop for the xfce desktop. The other issue is the very slow 4200rpm 100gb hard disk. The installation was about sixty minutes to install. Half of the installation was downloading packages from the ubuntu repository. I used a external usb dvd rom drive to install ubuntu 11.04, 64 bit desktop. I will further along the way try to document the configuration of software and hardware as in the touchscreen which seems a tricky issue.

Macbook Pro Saga…

Well it seems that the western digital hard disk saga for the macbook will not arrive for several weeks. So instead i recieved a seagate 320gb 7200rpm 2.5″ laptop hard disk. Now it is time to time machine the hard disk, and restore the conents from the tme machine disk to the new large insternal storage unit.

I have allocated a old 200gb hard disk, split into two 100gb partitions. The first partition is the time machine partition for backing up the internal macbook pro hard disk. The second partition I have allocated as a file repositorie for mac software.

So far I have no issues with the Macbook Pro. I just need to get myself more proficient with Mac OS X.

Macbook Pro Day Five…

Well Day five of the Macbook Pro saga. No larger internal storage has turned up yet. I decided to install applications upon the Macbook Pro, and start using the machine. The first thing I have done is setup another external hard disk as a time machine backup disk. I find that the usb hard disk unit is slow, and have decided to purchase a firewire hard disk unit.

Lets see how monday goes.

Macbook Pro Day Four…

Well day four, of the macbook pro saga. With no larger internal storage available, I decided to install Mac OSX Leopard, and will time machine the disk. When I do the re-install on the new hard disk, I will hopefully do a time machine install, when the new installation happens on the disk.

Hoping tomorrow, the internal storage will arrive tomorrow.

Macbook Pro Day One…

Recieved my macbook pro today (17th November 2008..), but unfortunately, I did not recieved the operating system dvd’s. Which makes my macbook pro a very glorified paperweight till I get a operating system. If the previous owner does not send me the operating system, guess its down to JB hifi to buy a copy of leopard. Hopefully tomorrow something better will happen.

Downloading Youtube Videos…

With my Dopod 838 Pro now able to watch mpeg four video’s. I am able to take advantage of downloading and watching Youtube videos. I thought originally of downloading/purchasing software, but after a quick Google search I found Convertube. Its free, and I don’t download that many Youtube video’s. But for the odd occasional Youtube video, it does its job. I could register for $4.99US a month if I am using the website on the regular basis.

I have recently found dedicated software that can reside upon mac os x and windows xp. These software also convert the .flv youtube format to any format I require.

Video upon my Dopod 838 pro…

Recently I wanted to play h264 videos on my Dopod 838 pro Windows Mobile PDA. After a quick google search, I came across a piece of software called TCPMP. TCPMP can be acquired from the following website. From this site you can download all the software and codecs that will allow you to play video’s on your Dopod 838 pro. A not TCPMP is now a discountinued product. The replacement product has not been released yet. It will be called betaplayer, when it is released. The website just has a static frontpage, with coming soon. You also need to download the AAC codec as TCPMP has removed the codec due its commercial license. This allows the audio of h264 to be heard. The AAC codec can be download for this from AAC Codec. So at the moment you are stuck with TCPMP, till betaplayer is written. A good piece of software, where I have found no faults with it, and makes my Dopod 838 pro Windows Mobile as a portable media player. Thank you TCPMP.

Also makes not needing a ipod touch any time soon.

Steven Haigh’s Replacement Dopod Firmware.

In the last few months I have replace my Windows pda phone, the Imate Jasjar with another Windows pda phone, the Dopod 838pro. The Dopod 838pro is a smaller windows mobile unit, compared to the Imate Jasjar. Things I miss from the Imate Jasjar are the larger screen, and the faster cpu. This was good for playing back xvids and mpeg 4 videos. Rom updates are far and few between from HTC. Well luckily, Dopod allow users to create there own firmware updates, via sdk’s. One such user is Steven Haigh aka CRC. He has created his own Dopod 838pro firmware.  Here is a list of some of the following features. His website has the full list of what has been added or replaced.

Windows Mobile 6.1
Microsoft Mobile Office 2007 v6.1
3G video dialpad.
Flashlight feature
802.11g enabled
Cleartype fonts enable in landscape and portrait mode.
Camera delay times reduced.
HSDPA icon enabled to show what you are connected via HSDPA .
Disconnect button for GPRS.

There are many more features. CRC lists them all here on his website. From his link you are able to acquire the firmware image.

Well done Steve. Good for Steve to create and update the firmware and extend the life of the Dopod 838pro.