Xcode command line tools…

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Seems there is a issue when you install the xcode developers tools from the Apple app store, it does install the command line tools, if you want to run apps like homebrew etc. You do not need the command line tools to install homebrew, but you do need the command line tools.

To install the command line xcode tools. You need to start up xcode, the go file > preferences > downloads and the click on install Command line tools. Its that simple. Just sit back, wait for about 100mb to download and install.

XQuartz is the new X11…

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With my upgrade to 10.8 OS X Mountain Lion, one of the downside I found as a Unix System Administrator is that Apple have decided not to package X11 into the operating system anymore. I require X11 to run X apps to my OS X desktop. After some google searching X11 is now a seperate package. You need to download the XQuartz package from here http://xquartz.macosforge.org/landing/ Once downloaded, just install and reboot your Mountain Lion machine and reboot.