Video upon my Dopod 838 pro…

Recently I wanted to play h264 videos on my Dopod 838 pro Windows Mobile PDA. After a quick google search, I came across a piece of software called TCPMP. TCPMP can be acquired from the following website. From this site you can download all the software and codecs that will allow you to play video’s on your Dopod 838 pro. A not TCPMP is now a discountinued product. The replacement product has not been released yet. It will be called betaplayer, when it is released. The website just has a static frontpage, with coming soon. You also need to download the AAC codec as TCPMP has removed the codec due its commercial license. This allows the audio of h264 to be heard. The AAC codec can be download for this from AAC Codec. So at the moment you are stuck with TCPMP, till betaplayer is written. A good piece of software, where I have found no faults with it, and makes my Dopod 838 pro Windows Mobile as a portable media player. Thank you TCPMP.

Also makes not needing a ipod touch any time soon.

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