nmap command…

Again here’s a reminder about the nmap command. I needed the command to tell what a udp port or a tcp port, was being used for. To test a listening UDP port, simply use nmap as follows:

# nmap -p [port] -sU -P0 [host name | ip address]

# nmap -p 123 -sU -P0 example.com

# nmap -p 123 -sU -P0

An example of the output from the command

# nmap -p 4000 -sU -P0 localhost
Starting nmap 3.70 ( http://www.insecure.org/nmap/ ) at 2008-05-20 11:00 EST
Interesting ports on localhost (
4000/udp closed icqNmap run completed — 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.057 seconds

find command…

Again here’s a reminder about the find command. The find command is a useful for everyday work, something we all use, but forgot how important it is. An example command is show below:

# find -name ‘*.log’ | xargs tar -cvf logs.tar

‘*.log’ looks for all files with the .log suffix.
| output to pipe.
xargs runs a command.
tar -cvf logs.tar tars the files found into a logs.tar

Steven Haigh’s Replacement Dopod Firmware.

In the last few months I have replace my Windows pda phone, the Imate Jasjar with another Windows pda phone, the Dopod 838pro. The Dopod 838pro is a smaller windows mobile unit, compared to the Imate Jasjar. Things I miss from the Imate Jasjar are the larger screen, and the faster cpu. This was good for playing back xvids and mpeg 4 videos. Rom updates are far and few between from HTC. Well luckily, Dopod allow users to create there own firmware updates, via sdk’s. One such user is Steven Haigh aka CRC. He has created his own Dopod 838pro firmware.  Here is a list of some of the following features. His website has the full list of what has been added or replaced.

Windows Mobile 6.1
Microsoft Mobile Office 2007 v6.1
3G video dialpad.
Flashlight feature
802.11g enabled
Cleartype fonts enable in landscape and portrait mode.
Camera delay times reduced.
HSDPA icon enabled to show what you are connected via HSDPA .
Disconnect button for GPRS.

There are many more features. CRC lists them all here on his website. From his link you are able to acquire the firmware image.

Well done Steve. Good for Steve to create and update the firmware and extend the life of the Dopod 838pro.


Bran.com.au is a technology podcast located in Sydney Australia. Its a technology weekly round up, from three Technology Journalists, here in Australia. The three presenters actually click or gel together. This an be heard in the podcast, on how the get along. The discussion talks about whats happening here in Australia, and around the world. This podcast has more a Australian slant. The presenters also know the scene, technology, and can actually distinguished the fud from press releases and hypes. Seems they like to bag Microsoft like anyone else. They have a comical section whats happening in p0rn. Nice fortnightly podcast. There website is located at http://www.bran.com.au

The podcast has not been broadcasting for a while due to the heavy load of the presenters day work.

Windows XP Service Pack Three.

Well I have installed windows service pack three upon my Dell 9300 laptop. So far things have been so good. Really have not noticed any difference upon my current windows. Windows does not seem to be any slower nor any faster, than with service pack two installed. No apps so far have died, failed etc to run. Compared to Windows Vista which is a dog to run. I have been told by many people who actually run Vista that, the amount of problems associated, that going back to Windows XP is a godsend. Seems Apple is cashing in on Microsoft’s failure. Apple machine sales rose last quarter. Guess all those disillusioned people, who are either upgrading or buying for the first time, have decided to go mac. Only time will tell with Windows 7 arriving in 2010. Can Apple hurt Microsoft enough to finally be a force to be feared with.

dd command…

Well another command I have being using lately is the dd command. I have been playing with macosx, before I decided that they only way to use the product is to buy a mac. Which I have done. dd is usefull for making whole backup images for one hard disk to another, or from a image to disk and vice versa. The dd command syntax being using is:

dd bs=4096k if=/dev/hda1 of=/dev/sda1

bs is the block size that copy by. eg. more that 4096k can slow things down.
if is the input file/hard disk, or the originator.
of is the output file of the destination.

grep command…

Found a useful grep feature. To find a quote within a text or configuration file the grep feature. Also able to go recursive and non case sensitive. The command is as follow:

# grep -iR “yaboo” *

-R flag is to search recursive from the directory the command is started.
-i flag is not to search, but ignore case sensitivity.