OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion…

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I decided to update my macbook air 11″ with 2gb of ram to OS X 10.8 mountain lion. So far the impression is, that it is faster in speed than 10.7 lion.  I have not made any use of the new features like notifications. Which is supposed to intergrate social media into Mountain lion. I found all software I use could run on Mountain lion. I did have to update a few of these to a later version, but that was just some time, it took for this to happen via the App store.

Mac Wyse 60 Terminal Emulation…

Recently I have had to go back to Wyse 60 terminal emulation. I needed Wyse 60 terminal emulation due to legacy applications that have no other option but to be accessed. I could spend a fair few dollars on a commercial Wyse 60 terminal emulator. But in the spirit of free and open source, there is a free Wyse 60 terminal emulator out there for use.

You can download the Wyse 60 source from the following site.


You can also directly download the source code from…


Once you have the source code downloaded, you can upack the source code.

# tar -xvfz wy60-2.0.9.tar.gz

Now we can compile the source code and install the executable.

# cd wy60-2.0.9
# ./configure
# make
# make install

Once you have compiled an installed the code. To activate the Wyse 60 emulation you type.

# wy60

Once this is run, you screen is now in Wyse 60 emulation, and you are able to ssh etc like any other screen, but in Wyse 60 emulation.
Or Under Ubuntu 10.04, you can just add this as a package.

Ubuntu 10.04

# apt-get install wy60

This is simpler than compiling the code.