Install Plone under Ubuntu…

I have been looking for a good cms/wiki to document the changes at my work. I tried mediawiki and got fustrated by the weird markup language, to create a textbox. I tried moinmoin and found security was a issue. So now I have decided to try Plone. I thought Plone looks good. But there are no Ubuntu packages and I need to install the software from source.

Before you can install Plone from source you need to install some pre-requisite Ubuntu packages.

# apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libxml2-dev libbz2-dev libjpeg62-dev libreadline5-dev wv poppler-utils

You need to get the Plone software to your server so you can install.

# cd /usr/src

# wget

# gzip -d Plone-4.1.4-UnifiedInstaller.tgz

# tar -xvf Plone-4.1.4-UnifiedInstaller.tar

# cd Plone-4.1.4-UnifiedInstaller

Now we can install Plone..

#./ standalone

The standalone option for means it will only be installed on the server, and be a self contained cms. Once this is done you need to start Plone.

#cd /usr/local/Plone/zinstance

#./plonectl start

You can now acces the Plone cms from the address from http://localhost:8080 or http://:8080.