Thermaltake v6 BackX Edition Case:

thermaltake v6 blacx edition
thermaltake v6 blacx edition

Its time again to upgrade my home made nas running ubuntu server. Current machine is a core duo running five 500gb seagate hard disks. One of my pet peeves of the current nas server is when I disk dies I need to shutdown the disk, pull the case apart, take out the disk then assemble the unit back to operating normality. I have decided with the new server that the disks shall be hot swappable. In order for this to be achieved in need to have a computer case where all the disks can be accessed from the front of the computer. Hence where the thermaltake v6 comes into play. I have been shopping around for some cases and found the prices too rediculous to do anything about this. It was not today when I turned up to my regular computer store that the sales person told me they had the thermaltake cases without power supplies for $79. I thought this was a bargain, due to most cases come with a 420 watt power supply that you automatically replace anyway. With the main piece of gear found, to make the new nas a reality, I now seek a new motherboard, with as many onboard sata ports, and hot swappable bays. The thermaltake v6 specs can be seen here.

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